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Internal audits: communication and reporting

G-Audit is a software program to exchange information about internal (GMP) audits and to report status and results of the audits. By means of different authorisations, the program works as a communication system between the auditor and the auditee. Auditees can respond to findings that are reported by the auditor. demo video

Demo report G-Audit
Figure 1: Example overview of results of an internal audit.

In the system two types of audits can be used: regular audits and other audits. The regular audits can be used for results as given in figure 1.
For each audit the auditor can report findings, usually points to improve. A picture of the situation can be added to the finding. Auditees can read these findings and can fill in how they will take action to solve or improve the situation described in the finding. They can also indicate when the action is planned to be completed.

Audit bevindingen
Figuur 2: Example of a finding in G-Audit

Reports can be generated for all findings or only for findings with intended actions that not yet have been completed.