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HACCP database en reporting system

G-HACCP is a software program that makes it easy to set up and maintain a HACCP system. Microsoft Visio is integrated in the program, which offers lots of possibilities to link HACCP data to the elements of the flowchart.The flowchart is leading and appears at the left side of the screen. When selecting flowchart elements, at the right side of the screen the corresponding HACCP information will appear. This mechanism can be seen in the demo video

Demoscherm G-HACCP
Figure 1: Microsoft Visio integrated with HACCP information.

The structure of the data consists of a simple hierarchical structure. With the program it is easy to navigate through the data without loosing the overview.

Hierarchy in data
Figure 2: Hierarcical data structure in G-HACCP 

The program has also functionality to do a risk analysis and walk through a decision tree. The comprehensive reports are generated as web pages.These report files can be used to make HACCP information accessible to others (who don't use the program) via the intranet.