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The aims of using a software program is to work more efficiently and to accomplish more. The reasons to consider a database program can be:
  • Repeated handling of data
  • A lot of Excel files with inconsistent data
  • Limited overview over the available data
  • Not utilising the available data sufficiently
  • Management and overview is dependent on one person
Often there is not enough time and experience to describe in detail what facilities a database program should offer. This is where my approach is focused on. In the first contact I get an impression of the requirements and the available data. With this knowledge a data scheme and a setup plan for a database program is made. By feed back adjustments can be made. Then a proposal and an offer will be made for the development of the database program The first version of the program is always quickly available. It is important that the advantages of the system become available quickly. By using the program, comments and new suggestions can be given as feedback for further development. While using the program and giving feed back the program will be adjusted to achieve a lean program that meets the requirements of the user.


By means of a license agreement I can take care of the continuity of the software. In this way it remains possible to adjust the software any time without further costs.